Help Rescue THREE TIMES As Many Children — And get a FREE Save the Baby Humans Sticker

Help Rescue THREE TIMES As Many Children — And get a FREE Save the Baby Humans Sticker

The initial $500,000 goal to launch the Telehealth Care Center in Chicago has been met in FULL. Thank you for accelerating the rescue of children! Generous partners like you, are fighting back against the darkness and protecting life.

If $500,000 can be raised, the new Telehealth Care Center in Chicago will be able to rescue almost THREE TIMES as many children. That’s the exponential, lifesaving importance of your support today. Even more moms will receive the hope and help they need to choose life and even more preborn children will be rescued. 

In the wake of COVID-19, Planned Parenthood is trying to increase their abortion business. They're now pushing abortion pills and remote abortions on moms in desperate situations.

Women can now be prescribed abortion-inducing pills over the phone in 33 states, endangering even more children.

As you can imagine, moms are facing many more challenges due to the pandemic. Especially as children are returning to school, the stress and anxiety has never been higher. 

Thankfully, a generous family has offered a $500,000 Challenge Grant to further accelerate the rescue of children. That means your gift has TWICE the lifesaving impact! Your gift of $100 automatically DOUBLES to $200 of impact to rescue children when paired with the Challenge Grant.

Future generations will be alive tomorrow because of your support TODAY. That’s the legacy you’re leaving with a gift to accelerate the rescue through the Chicago Telehealth Care Center.

Additionally, if you give a gift of $5 or more by September 30, you will receive a FREE Save the Baby Humans sticker (including FREE shipping) as a thank you for your donation.

Will you accelerate the rescue TODAY, ensuring that as many children as possible are rescued from abortion? 


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