Rescue TWICE As Many Children — Before It's Too Late

Rescue TWICE As Many Children — Before It's Too Late

After a historic victory with Roe v. Wade finally being reversed, what felt like the greatest victory over abortion, likely put more children in danger...

Roe’s reversal activated the pro-abortion base.

It might sound strange, but it’s true. Roe’s reversal activated the pro-abortion base. Planned Parenthood is winning right now… And children are still dying by abortion in 75% of the country.

  • In the months since Roe’s reversal, Planned Parenthood has raised more money (4,000% increase over normal amounts)
  • PP is already expanding its footprint by preparing to open a new clinic in Missouri, the first state to ban abortion after Roe fell.
  • They’re getting more federal funding: In 2021, PP received $633.4 million in government grants and refunds
  • And sadly, as revealed in their own annual report, Planned Parenthood increased abortions by 8.5% last year

Even with the decision to ban abortion returning to the states, only about 25% of states have banned abortion. Now Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry are recklessly expanding access via the abortion pill and “remote” abortions. Corporate America is killing innocent children by paying for their workers to travel to other states to get abortions. And states like California are proudly declaring themselves as “abortion destinations”.

All of the above is happening as many in the pro-life movement are taking a “victory lap” over Roe. Gifts have slowed to pro-life causes. Apathy has set in. And children are still being killed every day by abortionists in 75% of the United States.

No one is saying it. But… it’s clearly the truth:

But children are worth fighting for. And that’s exactly what you can do today! Your gift will fight back against the evil that wants to kill children.

Thanks to a $750,000 Challenge Grant already received from several other donors, you can rescue TWICE as many children from abortion today. They’re challenging you to step up and give your best gift too, before the 12/31 deadline. When your gift is combined with the Challenge Grant, it will have TWICE the lifesaving impact to rescue children.

Goal: $750,000

So, will you give today to push back against the evil fighting to kill more children by abortion?

Because you have the power to rescue children from the deadly grip of Planned Parenthood, corporate America, and governors of “abortion destinations” today. And you can help rescue TWICE as many children from abortion — if you give by 12/31.

Will you respond with a gift of any amount today and let Planned Parenthood know you’re not backing down? Will you give right now so that TWICE as many children will not have to face being killed by abortion?

Thank you for rescuing them today!

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