URGENT: Help Keep the Lifesaving Rescue Effort Moving Forward — Before June 30

URGENT: Help Keep the Lifesaving Rescue Effort Moving Forward — Before June 30

Pro-life partners like you have been incredibly faithful. Especially through all the difficult days of the past year.

But now, Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry are in a position of power, with many of their key allies leading our nation’s government. With this power, they are working to make the deadly procedure more accessible than ever. And they are aggressively targeting vulnerable moms with their lies and deception.

However, this isn’t the time to back down. Now is the time to extend God’s love to more families… to show them that they have options other than abortion. God is calling us, together with your help, to expand the lifesaving reach of the National Rescue System in the year ahead.

But please know that Human Coalition is now heading towards the end of its fiscal year on June 30. This time of year is critical for the year of ministry ahead.

How things land over the next few weeks will ultimately determine whether the lifesaving rescue of children and families can move strongly forward. Because any loss of momentum means fewer children will be rescued.

That’s why meeting the $640,295 end-of-year fundraising goal by June 30 is so critical.

By giving toward this goal, YOU can share the love of Christ to families in desperate need of help and hope. YOU can rescue more children and families from the devastation of abortion.

In short, your gift could be the difference in a mom choosing LIFE for her innocent preborn child.

Will you give a lifesaving gift TODAY to help meet the $640,295 goal by June 30 and rescue as many preborn children from abortion as possible – before it’s too late?

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