URGENT: TRIPLE The Lifesaving Impact To Rescue Children

URGENT: TRIPLE The Lifesaving Impact To Rescue Children

A generous donor is offering a NEW $20,000 Matching Grant to inspire more supporters to give and rescue even more precious children in a post-Roe America.

Every dollar you give by MIDNIGHT SUNDAY will effectively TRIPLE the lifesaving impact, when DOUBLED by the new matching grant and then combined with the existing $175,000 Challenge Grant.

Your gift of $50 will effectively TRIPLE to make $150 of lifesaving impact. Your gift of $250 will effectively TRIPLE to make $750 of lifesaving impact.

But this opportunity ends 5/8, Mother's Day – so you must give NOW to make TRIPLE the lifesaving impact!

Politico late on Monday night, reported that the Supreme Court may be set to overturn Roe v. Wade by leaking a draft ruling.

But remember: if Roe is repealed, abortion will not become illegal in America. Instead, the federal mandate will end, and each state will decide for itself whether or not to allow abortions to continue. Twenty-four states will likely keep the procedure legal.

While laws in half of the United States will thankfully change, the circumstances of moms facing unexpected pregnancies will not change after Roe. These mothers will still need help that empowers them to choose life and gives support after they give birth. And many moms living in states that restrict abortion will begin seeking abortions in nearby states, where it’s still legal.

That’s why efforts are already underway to scale the existing services of the National Rescue System and expand services into more abortion-dense markets, and several new states around the country.

Will you give a special Mother’s Day gift right now to reach more moms and rescue more children from abortion after Roe is overturned? The official ruling on Roe v. Wade may be only days or weeks away, and moms will still need your lifesaving support.

Will you give them the help and hope they need today — before it's too late?

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